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    After the launch of DOFUS Retro, Kamas Dofus Retro was born. It’s time to look at the rearview mirror and introduce you to the origins of the project, but at the same time have the opportunity to stand out and Dofus will discuss the future with you!

    Some people will remember that when the 1.29 server was opened to the French community, Ankama’s position was that these servers might exist, but we would not develop them. This is a valid position, but some of us are not entirely satisfied.

    So, in early 2019, we conducted a survey of the 1.29 community to assess which improvements were welcome without changing the gaming experience. The idea is to improve the comfort of the game without changing the authenticity of the experience or adding mechanisms that would betray the spirit of the game.

    After this survey, we integrated improvements that meet two criteria: community recognition and ease of development. This is the version we call DOFUS Retro.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we can prove that this version has attracted the audience, and you are ready to put yourself into this “old-fashioned” game mode. More challenges and farming, not to mention slow progress? That won’t scare you! That’s why we are encouraging a lot of energy in this release – at least for the next few months.

    Therefore, we are pleased to announce two announcements and hope that we can make you as happy as we are:

    We are creating a working group that will continue to improve your gaming experience over the next few months with the goal of improving game performance without departing from the game’s authenticity. Some bugs will be fixed, but features designed to improve comfort will also be implemented.

    We will also interact with the creators of DOFUS Remastered, which aims to improve the visuals of the game while maintaining the special appeal of the game to integrate all or part of its products.

    We would like to take this opportunity to clarify our position in third-party applications that modify the behavior or appearance of DOFUS. To protect yourself, we do not support these measures. Using this type of application exposes you to security breaches (intentional or unintentional) that may result in your use of personal data (documents, contacts, friends lists, social media, bank accounts, etc.) and may also be in the player Inequality between them (the number of actions that can be taken, the clarity of the action, etc.). To protect your interests and keep the game fair, we adopt a zero tolerance policy to modify customer or game behavior.

    However, we recognize the value of the projects provided by DOFUS Remastered, so we want to work with the creators to provide you with these improvements in a legal and secure manner.

    You have to be patient to appreciate the trends in DOFUS Retro, but we are eager to provide you with this good news, which is what makes your passion possible! Thank you very much again, and… DOFUS 15th Anniversary!

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